Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Be in with a chance!

You have heard of the saying "Gotta be in it to win it" ?  Today I have been thinking about how much meaning that saying has! I have recently been looking into playing Lottery online and was very pleased with some of the results I came up with while searching for a safe and secure way to play Lottery online.

I have been known to pick up a sneaky scratch card or two when i pop into the local corner shop for a pint of milk! It's fun and it's cheap so why not?!  However i have never bought a Lottery ticket myself, I don't really know why, maybe just because it is too much hassle when you have 3 little children with you?

I didn't know until recently that you can play Lottery safely online from your tablet, smartphone or laptop! After hearing some other mums at school talking about winning some cash at online lottery I decided to go online and take a peek for myself!

I was so impressed with the results I came up with and am still amazed at how much money is waiting to be won online and how easy it is to get started!
Simply choose your lucky numbers, have an official ticket purchased on your behalf and see a scanned copy of your ticket in your account! If you are a lucky winner you will have your prize transferred directly into your account.

So there you have it, busy mums like myself needn't worry if they don't have time to stop off to buy a Lottery ticket on the way home from work or the school run. It couldn't be anymore hassle free than online Lotto!

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