Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Tell it Like it is!


We are now half way through the Half Term, so far we have had some great family days out and we have been really lucky with the weather!

On Sunday we visited Pennywell Farm, a lovely day out and so much fun things to see and do. I love Farms that arn't only about the animals, this farm has many different play areas, suitable for all ages.
Kier's favourite thing was the Tractors, he was delighted sitting on and pretending to drive!!!!

There is so much to do at Pennyell for toddlers, but also plenty for the older ones. Amelie and Lottie loved playing on the Giant Trampolines!
There is also an indoor bouncy castle and soft play which we didn't bother with as the weather was amazing!

Lots of fun and lots of fresh air, and not forgetting lots of animal cuddles for Amelie and Lottie, we did let Kier pet a goat but he tried to pull the Goats ears off and the Goat didn't really look like he was enjoying Kier's company much!!

So that was our fun day at Pennywell Farm, we also had a fun day  out at Riverdart Country Park, another of our favourite outdoor places.

Best thing i've bought this week!

sadly this week i haven't been able to spend much time online shopping or even browsing the shops in town!It's very sad but i'm sure i will make up for it next week when the children are back at school!
One thing I have my eye on is this lovely Fairy House to go in our Garden.

Image result for solar fairy house

The house is quite small but big enough for Fairies to live in! At dusk it lights up (when the fairies are home!)
as Amelie is a big believer in Fairys and spends most of her time outside looking for Fairies I thought she would love this! :-)

Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your week!
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  1. LOL! Poor goat!!! I wanna take Tyne much does it stink?

    Def buy the fairy house! I want one! How much and were from? xx

  2. It doesn't stink too bad cos it's such a big open farm!

    Fairy houses are £20 on eBay.. Cute arn't they!!


  3. lovely that there are other attractions besides the animals :-) awwww the kids look like they enjoyed it and love the fairy house too xx