Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Tell it like it is

It's hard to believe a whole week has gone by since my last Wednesday post! Where does the time go?!
This week I have been trying to get on top of the housework as next week is half term which means the house will be well and truly TRASHED and theres not much I can do about it, so why bother trying?!

This Week's Fun Stuff

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This Saturday we spent the afternoon singing along to our favorite songs from Disney's Frozen at the Princess Theatre in Torquay. 
It was lovely to see all the children dressed up as Elsa and Anna and even Olaf, such a lovely atmosphere for all the little Frozen mad children.
The show was very loud which Amelie was not so happy about, but Lottie and cousin Tyne seemed to enjoy and get stuck in, Kier on the other hand DID NOT enjoy it at all and ended up going to Macdonalds with Grandad half way through the show!

This week I also got invited over to Miss Sparkles house for a lovely meal cooked by a private Chef !
The food was amazing and the experience was great, I may even book myself a private Chef sometime :-)
Keep a look out for Hayley's review of this on her blog soon.
This isn't the only meal out ive had this week, Matt and I also went out for a sneaky Steak at The Beef Eater while mum and dad looked after the kids... 2 yummy meals in 1 week.. not bad ay?!?!

 This Week's Not So Fun Stuff

As you may know from last week's post, this week we attended a School Admission appeal, we have been trying to get our children into an Ofsted highly approved school for a while and this appeal was our last chance. The whole thing was very nerve wracking and waiting 24 hours for  the result, to know whether our children had been accepted or refused a place in the school was awful, especially this morning after all the effort we put in and all the waiting, we were told that both of the children have been refused.
We have another school in mind but as this school is also very popular it is likely that we will have to go through the appeal process all over again and still may not get offered a place.
I am feeling really annoyed about the whole thing today but i'm not the first person to go through school admission refusal and certainly won't be the last.
We will without a doubt get our children into a good school where they will feel happier, maybe not just as soon as i'd hoped.

Best Thing I've Bought This Week

Image result for wooden coat hanger

This week I purchased something i'd been after for a while! Coats hung up on stair banisters and back of chairs is something I really do not like! I'm also not too keen on the kids throwing their jackets on the floor when they get home from school either, so I finally purchased a wooden coat hanger for our hall way!
I thought I would have to pay at least £50 for one, but i managed to find one brand new on Ebay for £16.99.... bargain of the week!!!!

That's all for this week :-)

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