Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Tell it like it is

Welcome to my Brand new Wednesday evening post!
I decided I need a regular post on my blog each week about every day life and how my week has been, with lots of lovely pictures of what we've been up to :-)

Here we go!!

Last week Matt got back from his week long Snowboarding holiday with his parents, I was very pleased that he came back in one piece, and he brought us back some yummy Swiss chocolate, bonus!!
I got a lot of jobs around the house done while Matt was away and my parents looked after Kier while the girls were at School! One task i have been trying to get done for a while was sorting out our cupboardsm now thats been done and they all look lovely and organised, but now i am left with a pile of stuff ready for the next car boot! and at the moment it is just TOO cold to think about doing a Car boot sale! hurry up Spring please!!!

Also this week we received a phone call from Devon County inviting us to attend a school appeal hearing. We made the appeal a few weeks ago after deciding that our girls would be better off in a different school. The school we would prefer them to attend is an Outstanding rated school not too far from the school they are at, and as Amelie is not loving school life at the moment we think she would be much happier here, and hopefully Lottie too!! So next Tuesday we will be attending the hearing and i'm quite nervous about it as i don't really know what to expect!

We haven't really been up to anything too exciting this week, just the regular toddler groups and stuff. I have been thinking about what we are going to buy Lottie for her 5th birthday coming up in March, she has decided on this ...................

Good choice?!  Amelie was either 4 or 5 when she got her first Bike so i'm looking forward to seeing both girls playing on their bikes this Summer. Hopefully I will be able to get a matching helmet... and plasters!!!

This week I have also received some fantastic things for my Mothers Day gift guide! I am really excited about that and think I am going to start writing it out this week as soon after I will have my Easter gift guide to do! So it is looking busy busy busy in the blogging world!

Tomorrow Matt, Kier and I are taking his mum out for a birthday lunch as he was working on her actual birthday, I am really looking forward that :-) yum! then later on my mum and dad will be arriving and staying for a few days which will be great, Nannie has bought us Frozen sing a long tickets, yay!!!

                                                           Best Thing Ive Bought This Week

This week I bought Kier a really cute pair of Vans, they are a little too big for him so I will have to wait a month or so until they fit him properly!
I love buying boy clothes and shoes because they are so different to girls clothes, and I like the challenge of finding nice boy stuff as it is harder to find.  I am SO excited to start shopping for my new baby Nephew arriving in April, do they make Vans in newborn size?!?!? :-D


Thats pretty much it for this week, I will leave you with some pictures of Amelie, Lottie and Kier, and Tyne having fun at BethBears 4th birthday party last Saturday.

                                                                   Have a great Week!


  1. Aww lovely pics! Oooh love the Vans!!!

    Well done getting your cupboards done, now come and do mine...bring a helmet....


  2. Good Luck on Tuesday :) and I love the bike.

    Chloe @