Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Baby and Toddler Christmas Gift Guide


Follwing my recent His and Hers gift guide and Children's Gift Guide, here is the last of the collection, and a very important one!! Baby's and Toddlers!!!

If you have young children and are looking to buy for your nieces and nephews then you probably already know exactly what they will be into and what stage toys are right for them. But what if you haven't got children, or if your children are grown up? or what if you simply just don't have a clue what to buy for the really little ones?!?!

It can be tricky to find the perfect gift for babies and toddlers but with a little help from this gift guide you may just find that perfect gift!! :-)

For the Newbies

Newborn babies can be very tricky to buy a gift for. You have the option of either buying them something they can use now, or buying a toy they can play with in a few months time.

Funky Giraffe Christmas Bibs

These dribble style Bibs would make a great gift for babies aged newborn to around 7 months. They look adorable and complete the Christmas look!
Funky Giraffe also do larger Bibs and other super cute baby items which can even be personalized!

Available online priced £4.00

Milton Combi Steriliser

A bottle steriliser would make a great gift for a couple who have just had a baby right on top of Christmas!
Specially if the baby arrived sooner than expected. New parents would much prefer something practical that they really need rather than some baby clothes that they will probably get bought many of or may even already have some put away from a previous child.

The Milton Combi steriliser is probably one of the best available and at a fantastic price! It holds up to 5 bottles of any brand!
I have tried and tested it and would highly recommend it!

Available at Tesco priced £13.00

For Toddlers

Bubble and Go Train by Tobar

Tried, tested and approved by my 14 month old Bubble loving boy!!
Kier squealed with delight when he first saw the Train move along the floor with Bubbles coming from it.
The train is brightly coloured and works very well, it even makes train noises!

Available at Amazon priced £12.10

Children's DVD'S

I know so many little boys who are fans of Chuggington and Thomas. My little nephew Tyne who is 21 months old would happily watch Thomas all day long! But what if he wants to watch it and it's not on tv!!!??
It's best to always have a DVD of their favourite tv show!
These DVD's also make great stocking fillers.

Priced around £7 available online

 Leapfrog learning Friends Adventure Bus

This is a really great toy. Although the age suggests 2 years plus I find that my 14 month old boy loves playing with it!
The little characters are so cute and easy to take on and off the bus. Kier loves listening to the little voices and all the tunes.
With over 20 songs, phrases and sounds little ones wont get bored with it easily!
Be warned, the songs will get stuck in your head!!

Available at Toys R Us at the bargain price of £14.99

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  1. Follwing my recent His and Hers gift guide and Children's Gift Guide, here is the last of the collection, and a very important one!! Baby's and Toddlers!!!playard by thebabyguides