Thursday, 20 November 2014

Top 5 most needed Kitchen appliances

 This week we have decided after 5 months of denying that our Oven is completely broken and beyond repair, we have now made the decision that it is time to replace it!
We have had the Oven for 7 years, it was included in our new build home and up until 5 months ago it has been brilliant! Only now something has gone wrong as it smokes the house out setting off all 3 smokes alarms almost every time we use it... not good!
We have put up with it for a while but now the door seal has fallen off and this is what it looks like......

                                                             Doesn't look good does it?!

So i have been inspired to write a post about the room with the most expensive appliances and how annoying and exspensive it is when these appliances go wrong........ The Kitchen!

Number 1 - The Oven
  The oven is something you can't really get by without unless you are happy to live off salads and microwave Pizza, or take the really unhealthy option of living off take away food!!
Some eletric fan assistant ovens can be really REALLY exspensive, but like anything if you look around enough you are sure you find a deal you are happy with.  A basic electric oven can be found at a very reasonable price if you look hard enough!

Number 2 - The Fridge Freezer

In my opinion this is the second worst thing to go wrong in the kitchen! Without a fridge or freezer you can not store dairy or meat products at the right temperature which means you can not have them at home ready to cook. Our fridge freezer packed up about a year ago, leaking icy water all over the kitchen and creating huge blocks of ice often, we made the best choice ever by replacing it with a frost free Fridge Freezer!
Another very expensive item but again if you look around there are some AMAZING deals on fantastic fridge freezers.

Number 3 - The Washing Machine

I know a lot of people will disagree with me on choosing the Washing machine as third worst appliance to go wrong, as clothes can still be hand washed just the same, but as a family of 2 adults, 2 school children and 1 extremely messy baby, there is no way on earth I could ever keep up with washing as well as ironing all those clothes! Parents of large families will definitely agree with me on this!
Obviously it is very important to choose wisely when looking for a new washing machine. You want it to last a long while so perhaps spending a little more will pay off in the long run.

Number 4 - The Microwave

I find that we use the microwave more often now than we did a few years back, why? Because we have 3 young children, i probably re heat my coffee in the microwave about 5 times a day!!! We also use the Microwave often to re heat the kids dinners and heat up the baby's milk, we rarely use it for Microwave food. I think most people today rely on their microwave and although they haven't been around for that long I don't think I could get by without mine!
Luckily these amazing little machines are not too expensive to replace. I have come across many lovely Microwaves online so i don't doubt they are easy to find without paying unnecessary amounts of money.

Number 5 - The Dish Washer

I know i know, some people don't have dish washers and get by perfectly fine with out them! I am not one of those people! I find it hard enough to load and unload the dish washer so the thought of tackling piles of dirty dishes really worries me! Our dish washer recently started to show signs of slowing down, it was only a slimline dish washer which was fine when it was just 4 of us but when the baby came along we decided it was time to upgrade! :-) I love my new dish washer and couldn't live without it!

So there you have it, my top 5 Kitchen appliances i simply could not bare to be without!!!

What kitchen appliances would be in your top 5 and why??

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