Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Smiggle advent Calendar

Exactly 1 month today until we celebrate the long awaited Christmas Day! We are very excited to see all the christmas decorations going up next weekend, school play rehearsals, letters to Father Christmas being written and posted and Christmas Grotto visits. It's all very exciting....

The one thing Amelie and Lottie are most excited about at the moment is opening that little number 1 door on their advent calendar!
I remember being their age and waiting and waiting for the 1st of December to arrive so I could start opening those little doors and counting how many days left til Christmas. Advent Calendars are a great way to prepare your child for Christmas. This year our girls are in for a very special treat, as not only do they have their usual chocolate advent calendar, they also have this fantastic Smiggle advent calendar thanks to the lovely people at Smiggle PR :-)

This large Triangle shaped advent calendar isn't filled with the usual Chocolates! It is filled with Children's stationary! My 7 year old is so excited to start opening it as she just loves Stationary. This calendar is a great alternative to chocolate, and in my opinion it is much more exciting!!
The doors are all shaped differently, which adds to the excitement!

I will be updating this post after the first week of December to share with all my lovely readers what sort of stationary items are in the Calendar!

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