Friday, 28 November 2014

LeapFrog Leap Reader Review


 Here we have a review of one of the most fantastic children's learning toys ever made! As a mother of 3, we have had pretty much every learning toy by every toy brand under the sun!
LeapFrog is without doubt the BEST toy brand I have ever bought or worked with.
I was delighted to be asked to review the new LeapReader! We have had this toy before for my daughter who is now 7. I couldn't believe how much it has changed since the one we bought 3 years ago.
The pen is shaped better so that little fingers can grip more easily, and the best thing about the pen is that it doesn't need batteries like the last one did. It is powered by being charged using a USB cable!

The LeapReader is suitable for children aged 4 to 8 years. There are books available at different levels depending on the age and development of your child.

Level 1 - Early reading
Level 2 - Read and Write
Level 3 -Read on your own
Level 4- Learn through reading

The Leapreader comes with a read, write and listen activity book, including all your childs favourite Disney Characters. The Books available to purchase separately include Disney favorites, there is even a way to explore through Maps and Puzzles for older children.

As my 4 year old was busy with school and after school activities today, I decided to review the Leapreader with the little boy I look after, Jude.
Jude was delighted to try out the Leapreader, in fact, he didn't want to put it away when it was time for him to go home!

Jude enjoyed hearing the story being told by placing the Reader over each word, his favourite part was placing the Reader on each picture in the book to hear all the different sounds and tunes.
This is not your typical "get bored after 10 minutes" toy. The fun seems to be endless, and I love that they are learning as they are having fun!

My daughter Lottie who is 4 will love using the LeapReader and I am sure she will get a lot out of it, as we often go on long road journeys and Lottie has to wait around in after school dance classes for her older sister. This will be the perfect thing to bring along!

As well as a fantastic Christmas gift idea, I would also recommend the Leapreader to parents of children born later in the year. These children just  miss out on starting school by a week or month or two.
Some children are ready for school and ready to learn by age 4, but for the ones born later in the year they are not able to start school until they are almost 5.  These children need a little home education and something like this is perfect.
A fantastic box full of educational fun!

The Leapfrog Leapreader can be purchased at a fantastic price of £39.99 available in Green or Pink.

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