Friday, 14 November 2014

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas.....

As you may have noticed if you have recently headed in Town, Christmas is EVERYWHERE!
Every shop window is looking festive and fun, Christmas light switch ons are happening, Christmas parties and work do's are being organised, and of course, not to forget.... The gift buying has started!!

So lets face the facts, Christmas is just around the corner whether we like it or not! So to help get everyone in the holiday spirit I've put together this post full of super cute and christmassy MUST HAVES! :-)

                                                                Dec The Halls......


 I just love these mini Christmas sacks and Mini advent pouches made with Hessian, lovely Decorations and  great alternative to Chocolate advent calendars!

                            How cute is this giant Santa Garden Gnome! Available from Asda for £25

                                                                  Dress up the Baby!!!

How adorable are these?
John Lewis online is definitely worth a browse if you like these!

Dress the Kids......

I love these gorgeous tops and jumpers from Next

Clothes for ME!!

Christmas Jumpers is what its all about!! I love these ones from New Look

These are just some of the fabulous things Ive seen that have put me in a lovely festive mood :-) I'm sure there will be many more to come!!!!


  1. Love that its starting to look like Christmas every where now :)

    Chloe @ x

  2. love it all bring it on !!!!!!!! :-) xx