Monday, 3 November 2014

Halloween Party Fun

As always, we celebrated Halloween in Liverpool at my parents house! Something I have always done with the children because I like to pass on the tradition! When I was little my mum always had a Halloween party every year for me and my cousins. We decorated the house up as best we could, played all the traditional games such as bob apple and duck apple. We would decide weeks before Halloween what we wanted to dress up as and prepare are costumes ready for the big day!!!
Halloween was probably one of my best family celebrations and I have such fun memories of it that will stay with me forever. Now i am hoping it will be the same for my children.

I would love to share with my readers some Pictures of our Halloween Party this year :-)
Special thanks to Home Bargains for supplying some fantastic party ware which looked fantastic!!

                                           Fantastic Pumpkin Carving skills from me and my mum!!!

                                                   My 2 little Witches and Pudgey Pumpkin!

                                                                Party people tucking in!!
                                                     Nom nom, Sparkles baby gets stuck in!

                                                 Lottie plays some Witches hat ring toss Game

Halloween Selfie!


  1. looks like great fun :-) :-) xxx

  2. Looks like great fun, hope you all had a lovely Halloween :) x

    Chloe @

  3. great party !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x