Thursday, 13 November 2014

Game Village Bingo - My Perfect Calling

Game Village Bingo My Perfect Calling

Leading a life of pink for almost seven years was fun until 2013 when I received the first dash of blue with the birth of Kier. It seemed a whole new world opened up before me and along with that there was also a lot of responsibility. Life became hectic as to handle three little ones was quiet a task. I needed some "me" time. Nights on the town were out so I had to find some entertainment indoors. It was during this period when I came across Game Village Bingo. I'm not much of a bingo player and I am not that aware of  many bingo sites and what they offer to their players. Game Village Bingo brought me a whole new world of bingo fun and cash prizes. I was quiet taken back when I saw the 400% first deposit bonus offer! Hence I went and did a research on some of the well known bingo sites and I was surprised to find that there were hardly any sites offering such huge bonuses.

At Game Village Bingo deposit a £5 and you will get £25 to play with, that is a 400% bonus. They also offer another 200% and 300% on the second and third deposits. Oops that’s not all as they have their special ‘Fortune Wheel’ where you can get cash prizes, free bets and a huge number of bingo tickets. Other ways of getting cash or retaining cash are by referring a friend, liking their Facebook page and by playing their special game ‘Everyone’s a Winner’. If you refer your friends and he/she becomes a funded player then you and your friend would get a cool £25 each. Like them on Facebook and get a £3 credited to your account. Play their special bingo game ‘Everyone a Winner’ and if you don’t win anything your money would be refunded. Game Village Bingo is sure to stunt all of you out there.

This bingo site apart from having some of the coolest promotions in bingo town also has their very own bingo community and a bingo radio. Through their bingo community you can meet some like minded people and I assure you you can even go ahead and make friends for life. I in fact found some real nice people through this one. Also their bingo radio plays some great music throughout the day and there’s no way that you would get bored. With three little ones to take care of Game Village Bingo was my perfect calling. Here I earned money, had fun, listened to great music and made new friends all while my little ones slept.
 Browse around this site to find out more and make the best of the promotional offers. 

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