Thursday, 16 October 2014

Magno-Z Review

 I often wondered what will be the next playground craze after Loom bands? Now I have a very good idea!
Introducing Amelie and Lottie's new favorite Pocket Money toy......

Meet the Hair-ee Magno Z guys from Brainstorm!  They are stretchy, rubbery, springy, colourful, funny faced and.... oh, yea! Magnetic!!!  Whats not to love?!

Tried and tested by my daughters, heres what they came up with...

I introduced the Magnetic little toys to my children Amelie, age 7 and Lottie, age 4 a few weeks ago, i started of by giving them just 2 each and really wanted to save the other 6 for another day, but after a lot of begging they got their way and ended up with all 10 that were sent to us for Review :-)

The idea of these funky little toys is not just to play with them, but to create different ways of playing with them! With 50 to collect and at only £2.99 each, you can go nuts!!
Collect as many as possible and stick them all together to make fun new things!!
Amelie and Lottie had so much fun creating new ideas, Amelie came up with Magno-Z glasses!! Cool or what?!?

                                            They even accompanied the girls at Lunch time!!!

After having the magnet toys for 2 weeks now, I am still finding them around the house in all different positions!! Which proves that they are still VERY much played with!
Amelie took 1 of the magnets to her best friend at school, hoping to start the craze off in her own school!

These fantastic little toys are available at all good toy stores. Get collecting soon! :-D

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