Monday, 20 October 2014

Halloween Party Ideas


        Halloween is just days away.......

Halloween is probably one of the best reasons to throw an amazing kids party packed with treats, cakes, games, and of course spooky costumes!!
Hosting your own haHalloweenarty doesn't have to be stressful, Halloween games should be fun and simple!

As a child my parents always threw a Halloween party for my sister and me, and all our cousins who were aound the same age as us.
My mums parties were always the best, everybody had a great time and we looked forward to it months ahead of halloween!

The games and ideas that my mum came up with were always great. Today my mum still throws the best Halloween party ever! The only thing that has changed is the audience!  With 4 very young grandchildren we have to make sure the games are simply, nothing too complicated! and of course nothing too scary!!

here are some ideas i'd like to share with anybody hosting their own Halloween party this year! 

Name The Witch

This game was always one of my favourites and my girls love it too!
All you can to do is making your own Witch using a halloween mask and witch hat, some kids black clothes and small pair of tights which need to be stuffed to create the legs, sit her on a broomstick of possible and hang her up. Choose a name and many others, write down all down on cardboard with each name in its own box, let the children pick a few names each. Announce the Witches name and the winner at the end of the party! and a prize for the winner ofcourse!

a fab game suitable for all ages!

Guess the Ghost

Sit the kids in a big circle. Put some music on and take it in turns for one child to be blindfolded and walk around the circle, touching the other children's heads. When the music stops, the child that the person who is 'it' has their hands on must let out a ghostly wail.
The person who is 'it' must try and guess who it is. If they guess correctly they swap around. If they do not guess correctly they go around the circle again.

Dress the Mummy
Split the party guests into groups no smaller than two and give them a substantial supply of toilet paper. The object of the game is to try and turn one of the group into a mummy by wrapping them entirely in the loo roll! Prizes go to the quickest or the best attempt. Fun!!

Pass the Pumpkin
A fun way to give pass-the-parcel a Halloween twist, this is played in the same way but you should fill the pumpkin so that each time the music stops whoever has the pumpkin at that time can select a goody from inside.
At the very end, when everyone has had a turn, a random lucky winner gets the pumpkin and the remaining goodies left inside.

                                          Great food ideas!

                        ASDA Chosen by You Pumpkin Giant Cupcake            ASDA Chosen by You Chilling Chocolate Spiderweb Cake    ASDA Chosen by You Creepy Cupcakes
                                                 Large cakes £6 cupcakes £5 for 18 at Asda

                              Ghostly Bananas and Pumpkin tangerines!  A great healthy option!!

                                                        Home made Mummy Sausage Rolls!

                                                      Mini Pumpkin face Cheese Pizza with Olives!


                    Effective but simple!!  You can create this look with mini breadsticks, carrot sticks or
                    even wotsits!

             And last but certainly not least... don't forget a big bowl of sweets by your front door for the little

                     Happy Halloween from First Two then Blue!


  1. Lots of fab ideas, love the party food :)

    Chloe @ x

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