Friday, 10 October 2014

Bobux Baby Shoes Review

 We were recently sent  a gorgeous pair of baby shoes from Bobux for Kier to try out. I have been very patient waiting for Kier to grow into them, now that they fit him we are ready to say what we think!!

We have never tried Bobux shoes before, infact the only shoes Kier has ever owned is a pair of Next trainer style shoes and a personalized converse style pair.
So this has been a great opportunity and Kier and I are loving his new shoes!!

About Bobux

Bobux are a online childrens shoe company, they make shoes for all different size and shape feet from teeny tiny Newborn feet, right up to busy kiddy feet!
The website offers a wide range of different style shoes, there are SO many different designs in each style shoe to choose from! 
It took me a good 10 minutes to decide on a pair for Kier, i eventually choose 3 i liked and asked to be sent any 1 of the 3!!

Here are the ones I love and will probably purchase in the future!

As you can see I really like pale Blue on my boy!!!
Here are the ones I chose...

What we think..

As you can see the shoes fit perfectly! I was most impressed with how easy and quick the shoes were the get on Kier's feet! He is quite a fussy baby who really dislikes getting dressed, he enjoys kicking his feet around when I am trying to put shoes on him, but today he happily let me put his new Shoes on and didn't try to take them off! 

I felt that Kier must have plenty of room in the shoes and that his little toes had plenty of room to wriggle around which is probably why he didn't object to wearing them!

The shoes feel really soft inside and don't fall off when the baby is crawling unlike most baby shoes! They are very well stitched together and look like they will last for as long as they fit.

Bobux soft sole baby shoes are available online priced at £20.00
Cheaper than leading brands that I had considered buying for Kier!

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