Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Build a Bear workshop Review

We were recently invited to the Build a Bear workshop in Exeter which was a really great day out and extra special as it was 2 days before Amelie's 7th Birthday!
We last went to Build a Bear when I was pregnant with Amelie 7 years ago! 
I was surprised at how much more there now is at the Build a Bear workshop! 

We were greeted by the store manager Starla, she was really lovely to Amelie and Lottie and gave them both name stickers to wear.
She then took them over to the bear skins to choose one each to make.

Amelie and Lottie were spoilt for choice, they were asked to cuddle a few to make sure they chose the one that they really wanted. Lottie chose a fluffy dog and Amelie chose a golden retriever dog.

After choosing the bear skin they then went over to the Sound Machine, were they got to try out all the different sounds they could have for their bear. There were so many to choose from. Lottie chose a doggy bark and Amelie chose the 6 in one, which means her pet will say 6 different things when she squeezes his paw.

After the Sound machine Starla took the girls over to the stuffing machine. They got to choose a heart and make a wish, the heart is then put inside the bear which will then be stuffed and stitched up. Amelie chose to have a beating heart inside her dog, which is really good and well worth the extra £4.95.
The girls took turns to stuff there bear by pressing down on the pedal with their foot. They then got to cuddle their Bears to make sure they were cuddly enough!

Next was the girls favorite thing, the fluffing station. The girls got to brush and blow dry their new friends to make them soft and fluffy.

Then it as time to choose an outfit! There was SO much to choose from!
The girls were amazed at all the princess dresses, Lottie tried the Brave dress and wig on her dog but decided that it wasn't a good look so changed it for an Aurora dress and a lovely sparkly Lead.
Amelie found it difficult to make a decision but finally decided to go for Pink high heels and a Tiara for her dog!



Last but not least the girls went on the Computers to fill in their birth certificates for their new friends.
After the certificates were printed out they were given a box to pack their pet into and then read out the Bear Promise (very sweet!)

Amelie and Lottie had a fantastic time at the Build a Bear workshop. They enjoyed every minute there and have already asked to go back.
Amelie has decided to spend her Birthday money on some more outfits for her Dog.
The visit took about 45 minutes in total. I loved our visit to the Build a Bear workshop, and atough some people may say it is an exspensive day out, I think it is worth every penny. Obviously it isn't something you are going to want to do every few weeks, but for a Birthday treat the Build a Bear workshop would be a perfect idea. They really do think of everything, they even insert a barcode into the Bear when it is stuffed, so if the Bear gets lost and returned to the store they can reunite it with its owner! 

                          Too very happy Girls after a great day out!!

Have you been to the Build a Bear workshop? If so, what did you and your kids think of it?


  1. Awww the girls looked lovely :) We went to build a bear and Bethany absolutely loved it. x

    Chloe @ www.bethbear.co.uk

  2. awww that looks amazing two very lucky doggys having such lovely owners :-) !!! great birthday gift idea do they do gift vouchers xxxx

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