Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Summer Holiday Fun

So, were nearly half way through the Summer Holidays! Most parents by now have spent a fortune on fun days out with their children. Maybe you have even been lucky enough to have a family holiday?
It's all good fun and great memories... but, not everyone has a lot of spare cash stacked away for the 6 week break do they?!  So does it have to be THAT exspensive? What if you  just don't have loads of money to entertain the kids with?

Heres the answer....


It doesn't have to be that exspensive!
It might be nice to have 1 or 2 Theme Park or Zoo trips which lets face DO cost the earth. But what after that? 6 weeks is a very long time to keep your little ones happy while also having a great Summer break.

Most young children are happy with anything as long as it is FUN and EXCITING!

Here is a list of some fun days out and activities we have been doing that don't cost a fortune! :-)

Rainy Day Fun at Home

Today we have been having fun with some edible sweet art by Tobar, Yum!


Amelie and Lottie were very excited to be making edible Elephants!

The pack contains 2 packets of coloured ready made fondant icing, corn flour, a rolling pin, a paint brush and easy to follow instructions.

After rolling out the icing, the girls then rolled it into the sizes the chart suggested, and starting putting together their Elephants.
They enjoyed adding the eyes, ears and trunk.

Almost there!!.....

Ta da!!!

What a fun and stress free indoor activity! The girls were so chuffed with their edible Elephants.
Fresh Air Fun for Free!
All the Fun of the Fair
If you have got some cash spare for a day out, the Funfair can be a cheaper option depending on how many children you have! There are many traveling funfairs around in the Summer Holidays, have a look online to see if there are any local to you.
Lets go fly a Kite...

Flying a Kite is simple, cheap, fun and good exercise for your little ones. All you need is a big open space, by the Sea would be best, and 1 essential item... a kite!
There are many obvious places to let the kids run and play in the fresh air for free or very cheap, eg: Beaches, Parks, Lakeside walks, Strawberry picking, Summer fetes and shows.
The list is endless!
Rainy Day Fun
When I think of places to go when the weather is not so great, the first thing i usually think of is soft play centres! This for me is not a cheap day out as I have 3 children, and in the Summer holidays these places are usually VERY busy. My advice is to avoid them!
Why not try something free and educational? Such as your local Museum.
Most museums provide something to interest the younger generation. On a recent visit to Exeter Museum my kids enjoyed dressing up as egyptians and learning all about the War!
Stay at Home Fun
Don't mind a bit of mess? We find Moonsand keeps the girls happy for hours! Yes it is EXTREMELY messy, but worth it if they're having fun!
The girls have a lot of Play Doh and disney Princess Play Doh sets, but we find they only play with them for a few minutes before getting bored and leaving the table! So for rainy day craft fun I give Moonsand 10/10!
Moon sand is more interesting than average play sand, thanks to the ...
Moon Sand Pet Shop Review– Sand you can mould
Other craft ideas...
Try researching online how to make a certain favourite something out of recylable materials, it can be anything your child likes, just make sure you have plenty of Glue, Paint and child friendly scissors!
Before throwing out your toilet roll tubes... think about what else they could be turned into?!
Toilet-roll binoculars craft
paper around a toilet paper roll provide markers eyes pipe cleaners
want to bring in some brighter colors though for the season instead ...
... Fun-Toys-To-Make-From-Toilet-Paper-Rolls_May-2013-Blog-Posts.sflb.ashx
 Endless fun!!!

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  1. great tips the kite flying is a must do activity for young and old !!! so much fun xx