Thursday, 21 August 2014

Jam Making Fun

Today we had some fun Jam Making! I have never made Jam before and although I often buy it i never thought about making my own! 
One of the many things I love about having a Blog, trying things I otherwise never would.
We were sent some Jam making equipment from the Persil team on the launch of their new Dual Action Capsules, the recipe is by Kimberly Wilson from the great British bake off!


Amelie and Lottie got all the essential equipment ready to start our Jam making session!

First I chopped the strawberries up and gave the girls some to eat to keep them quiet!

Next we washed them and then the girls took turns weighing the Strawberries and the Sugar.

Then we poured the strawberries and sugar and a little bit of Lemon Juice into the pan on a low heat, the girls took it in turns to stir with the wooden spoon. This was their favorite part!

Then i turned the heat up and we watched the gooey mixture turn into a sticky Jam like liquid until it reached the right temperature.
Lottie lost interest at this point but Amelie loved checking the temperature.

After waiting for the Jam to cool Amelie then helped to pour the Jam into the Jam jar.
She was very proud of herself and now says she would like to make Jam often and sell it to family members! 

Making Jam with the kids was fun, not too messy and different from the usual Fairy cake making that we usually do.  It  takes hardly any time at all and is very straight forward. This is something that we will definitely do again and if Amelie gets her way I guess we will be selling homemade Jam... !!

We haven't eaten any yet as it is recommended to leave it for a week, so thats what we are going to do,  we will have to wait a little longer for some home made Jam on Toast! Yum!!

Jam Recipe