Monday, 25 August 2014

Diono Shade Maker Review

Although we now have a very miserable week of Rain, Rain and more Rain ahead of us, I can't complain too much as we have enjoyed many fun days out in the glorious sunshine this Summer!
It would be LOVELY to see a few more sunny days ofcourse! Lets stay hopeful!!

This has been Kier's first Summer as he was born late September. I have found it difficult trying to keep him cool as he seems to always be hot even when its not been very warm.
On the extremely sunny days we have been applying suncream to Kier's skin every few hours, and making sure he wears a hat. When you are out at Summer Fetes, Parks or Beaches that is all you can really do to keep your baby safe from the sun isn't it? 

That's what I thought until I recently got asked to review the Diono Shade Maker. Something i could have done with earlier on in the Summer when the weather was really warm. I am so glad I have it for next Summer and for my sister to borrow for her new Baby who will be very young next Summer.


The Diono Shade Maker is a POP UP hood like cover for the pushchair. It fits on to all normal pushchairs and goes over the existing hood on the pushchair. It gives  UPF 50+ protection for your baby sitting in the pushchair who would otherwise have the sun beating down on him/her.

The shade maker folds flat when not in use, making it easier for you to take along with you everywhere you go. 
We recently used the shade maker for a day out at the park. Kier fell asleep in the pushchair and there wasn't any shade to park the pushchair in. We fitted the shade maker to his pram which took about 1 minute. Kier got to enjoy a peaceful nap in the shade and we had no worries about his skin burning.

The canopy also has fitted side pockets for storing any bits and pieces. Very useful is so many ways!
I would highly recommend the Diono Shade Maker to mums ad dads mums to be!

Available at Kiddicare priced £16


  1. wow thats really useful and a lot cheaper than i would have thought !! kier is just soooo cute !! :-) xx

  2. wow thats so useful and a lot cheaper than i would have thought !!! kier is sooo cute :-) xx

  3. What a great little invention! Kier looks like he is loving it :) xx

    Chloe @