Saturday, 16 August 2014

Brush Baby Teething review

 Finally... at the age of 10 months... Kier has hist first tooth! After a lot of sleepless nights we were starting to wonder when the tooth would make an appearence.
It's nice to know there was a reason behind Kier's grumpy behaviour. A few days after the arrival of Kier's peggy, we noticed the next one also popping through!
So now that Kier has 1 tooth and a quarter, shall we start brushing his teeth?! It seems a little pointless but we want him to have the best start and have lovely pearly whites when he's a grown man!!

We were sent a teething toothbrush a while back, but put it away as Kier didn't have any teeth yet and the recommended age was from 10 months.

Now we finally get to try it out!

Introducing the Brush-Baby chewable Teether toothbrush

As featured on ITV's "This Morning" Programme
Kier was very happy with this product, he even chose to chomp on it during a recent stroll in his pushchair rather than sucking his dummy like he usually does.
He chomped on it for a good half hour. It kept him so quiet and content which makes me think it MUST feel nice on his sore little gums.

I store the teether in the fridge when it isn't being used, then it is nice and cold for when Kier wants to have a chew, which is very soothing for little gums.

Soon we will start to apply a little toothpaste to help keep his teeth clean and healthy, but as the teeth arn't fully through the gum yet we thought we would wait for a few more weeks.

                      Kier can't get enough of his new chewable toothbrush!

When we feel Kier's teeth are ready for brushing, we will be trying out Brush-Babys Applement toothpaste designed specially for Babies 0=3 years.

                                                        Image 1

  and as always I will be blogging about my experience with it!! So look out for more Brush-Baby product reviews from me!


  1. what a great idea !!! kier looks really happy too :-) x

  2. are these available in boots -mothercare ? x

  3. Oooo looks really good :) Kier looks like he's really loving it x

    Chloe @