Sunday, 27 July 2014

Baker Ross Childrens Crafts Review

We were recently sent a box of Baker Ross Crafts to review with my children and child minded kids! The kids always get rather excited when they see a package from Baker Ross.
Here are some of the fun activities we tried out!

Make your own 3D Pirate Ship - exclusive to Baker Ross!

These form ships are easy to make and look amazing! The kids had so much fun putting them together. Anything that doesnt require Glue is a bonus as that means less mess for me to clean!!

Pack of 2  £2.70

These Garden Foam Stickers went down very well with the Girls as they are sticker obsessed!
Available in a pack of 100 with 20 assorted designs. The packet has been open for a few weeks now and we still have so many left!

Lottie having fun with her Garden Foam Stickers!

pack of 100 stickers £2.99

Amelie loved making these Stained Glass Effect Butterflies. They are perfect for children Amelies age, Lottie did find them a bit difficult to make but she is only 4 so thats understandable!

Pack of 6 - £3.96
Pack of 18 - £10.80

We all loved the Turtle Scratch Art Decorations! All the kids made 1 each, and I made one ofcourse! I love colour scratch. It was great fun to see what different designs the kids came up with.
Fun for all ages!

                                            Little Jude very proud of his artwork!

Available in pack of 10 - £2.99 or pack of 30 - £8.40

My girls love doing Mosiacs but as they are very girly they were not too interested in these Football Mosiac Coaster Kits! Good news for the little boy i child mind, he loved making them. He did need  lot of help as he is only 2, he loved that fact that it was for putting your drink cup on!

Pack of 6 - £3.95
Pack of 18 - £11. 34

We have enjoyed all the Baker Ross goodies sent to us. They are always great value for money and fantastic quality.
Great for keeping the kids busy through the Summer Holidays and i highly recommended them to other childminders.
Baker Ross also stock fantastic Pocket Money Toys and Fund raising Products.

Next month i will be putting in an order for my little girls party bag favors for her 7th Birthday Party.
Here are some of the things we like for Party Bags!

Pirate Tattoos           
   Pirate Tattoo's
Cool Cupcakes
Cupcake Sketch Pads

Moon Fairies
Snap bands


See Baker Ross online for great kids craft supplies and pocket money toys.

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  1. Ooh, some fab bits there! The kids at work would love the garden stickers, all bar 1 are sticker mad! (Think I've rubbed off on them as I love stickers myself! :D )