Monday, 2 June 2014

Hallmark "Until We Hug Again" Bear review

Me and my 2 little ladies were very excited to be asked to review this super cute Bear from Hallmark.
  Until we Hug again Bear
Priced £14.99
It's not hard to see that this Bear is incredibly cute and super soft and snuggly, is it? But there is actually a lot more to this bear than you might think!
Until we hug again bear from Hallmark is a beautiful, soft, medium sized bear which you can record your very own message on!
What a perfect gift for someone special.
I really wanted my girls to record a message for there Nanny and give the bear to her for her Birthday, but my plan went out the window when they decided that they loved the bear too much to give it to Nanny!
The message is very easily recorded into the bear. All you need to do is squeeze the bears paw and hold it in, after the beep you can record your message which can be up to 30 seconds long. Release the paw when you have finished saying your message. To hear the message played back all you need to do is give the bear a hug and he will play it back to you again and again. If you want to record over the message and start again you can do so very easily. Once you have the message you wish to keep, you can choose to lock the message so it can't be erased until you unlock it, by the switch in the back if the bear.
There you have it, a cute bear with a personalised message from yourself or your children to somebody special. How cute is that?!
I will definitely be purchasing a bear for my kids to give to their grandparents as a birthday present.
A Day at Fairy Grandmothers   interactive storybook 
An interactive storybook for children... what a clever idea!!
My children were sent this beautiful storybook to review. Amelie, 6 and Lottie, 4 got so much enjoyment from the book. They have never seen anything quite like this before.
The book responds when you read key phrases from the story, Fairy Grandmother asks questions and responds to the answers!
Lottie really enjoyed the book as it was fun, different and very eye catching and colourful. Although the book went down very well with Lottie, I think it is probably more suited to children around Amelies age as she was able to read the book herself and have even more fun with it.
 Priced £14.99
The bear and the book have been big hits with my children and I think they make great gift ideas, very reasonably priced.


  1. ooooh lovely ideas and very different are they both available from hallmark ? xx

  2. Fab review :) x