Thursday, 5 June 2014

Baby Annabell Doll review


Meet our newest addition to the family, Annabell!
No I haven't had a 4th baby (that will never happen!) but we did get sent our very own baby doll to review!
I have always had a thing for dolls just like this one. Dolls were always my favourite toy and once i got attached to a doll I always treated it just like a real baby and took it everywhere with me!

Amelie and Lottie have quite a few dolls, but have never really been overly excited by dolls, they have always been a 5 minute wonder!
One of my favourite dolls is Baby Born by Zapf, as Baby Annabell is also by Zapf i thought it would be great to have a try of her and see what we think!

I decided to give the doll to Lottie as Amelie already has around 4 or 5 big dolls and Lottie only has 1 doll (Baby born boy doll) so i thought it would be nice for her to have a girl dolly.

As you can see, the doll is packaged beautifully in a large baby patterned box displaying the accessories she comes with (dummy & comforter, bottle)

She is a perfect size for younger children to hold as she is not too heavy like some dolls are.

As Lottie has a baby brother she is very clued up on how to care for a baby. She has nappy changing and bottle feeding skills already at the age of just 4!!

What I thought

I would be lying if i said i didn't enjoy playing with Annabell once the children had gone to bed! She has a beautiful little face, perfect baby features and comes dressed in an adorable little outfit. I think she has a lot of play value and seems very strong and unbreakable. A perfect choice if you are looking to buy a doll for a child over the age of 3. I did find it difficult to get the doll to stop crying which a younger child might find frustrating, after playing around with the doll i learnt that the dummy has to be pushed in enough to get her to stop!
I love the adorable babble and gurgling noises she makes, and I love seeing how fascinated Lottie was with the doll when she was sucking from her bottle and making real sucking sounds!
I don't think dolls can get anymore "real baby" like than this one!

What the Children thought 

Lottie mostly enjoys dressing and undressing the doll, and checking to see if her nappy is dry!
She loves feeding the doll her bottle over and over again, and she loves hearing the doll burp! When Lottie had finished playing with Annabell i noticed her babygro was quite wet, i think this was due to Lottie not pushing the bottle properly into the dolls mouth!
Lottie has a double dolls pushchair and has today been pushing Annabell and her other dolly around the garden, she has had so much fun with it and i'm glad to see her enjoying dolls so much.
Lottie was happy that she was able to take Annabell to bed with her as she has a soft snuggly body unlike her Baby Born doll, so that was another bonus!

All in all, this is a fantastic doll, I really can't fault it. It is very cute, very life like and most importantly... has a off button!! I love this doll, would recommend this one for a childs first fuctioning doll.

Available from Amazon priced £39.99

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