Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Ella's Kitchen Greek Style Yoghurt #Tiny Titans

 Introducing…new yummy yoghurts Greek style! This exciting new range of ambient yoghurts comes available in three deeeliciously fruity flavours, fantastic for keeping tiny tummies happy. Without need for refrigeration, these snacks are also perfect for using on-the-go, and come packaged in Ella’s Kitchen’s trademark squeezy pouches.

Kier had so much fun reviewing Ella's Kitchen Greek Style Yoghurt today!!  As a Yoghurt fanatic, what could possibly be more fun than this?!

                                  My gorgeous Tiny Titan!  Yes I know.. he looks like a Girl!!

                                                Mango was definitely Kier's favourite!!

                                                        He can't wait to get stuck in!!

                                                         "can we open it Mummy?!"

                                                  Trying out the Red one!! Yum yum!!

This was Kier's first time trying out Ella's Kitchen pouches. As he is too young to feed himself with a spoon I think these pouches are a fantastic idea for babies this age. Kier loved sucking from the pouch. It did end up pretty messy but he enjoyed himself so it was worth it!!

I will definitely be adding these scrummy little pouches to my next shopping list! :-)

Ellas Kitchen Greek Style yoghurt pouches are available from most supermarkets and Boots stores priced at 99p per pouch.


  1. Awwww he looks sooo adorable in his outfit x


  2. Awww he actually does look like a girl in the first one lol!!! So cute! xxx