Monday, 19 May 2014

Aldi Alcoholic drinks Review

We were delighted to be asked to review a selection of alcoholic beverages from Aldi. Very different from the usual baby and child related items you usually see featured on First Two Then Blue!!
Matt and I were really impressed by the lovely selection and although I am not really a big drinker I did enjoy some recently on our Cornwall Holiday.
Matt however has tried and tested all of the drinks and would like to say what he thinks :-)

Matt: Hello to all of the of fans & followers of Laura's blog, I'm really happy to be composing this post on the drinks selections that we were sent, so much so that I have even changed font into the fun & racy Helvetica.

First up - Bavaria Beer, not unfamiliar to me, smooth & sweet-tasting  best enjoyed (as I did) on a sunny summer's day, in the garden. This beer goes down well & fits the lovely summer weather perfectly.
Nice 500ml bottle & alcoholic content  is a well-rounded 5%.

The Sombrero tequila beer is a bit of an oddity, it's golden orange colour makes it look like it's going to be either a real horror or really nice! thankfully it was the latter. Now, I would usually steer clear of cocktail-style beers, but this one is really tasty, as you'd imagine from anything with a tequila twang, it's very sweet. Some people may not like this, but for me it works. Would be a good party drink, but also nice post-work sipping.

I'd like to make the point now that I'm in no way an expert on wines, I'm fairly clueless on the subject, I did a little bit of a work for an independent wine merchant a couple of years ago, & that was a good introduction, but I'm not one of these that could tell a "good vintage" from a bad, or tell you from which chateau in Bordeaux a particular claret originates (without seeing it printed on the label!) etc etc.
In general i enjoy whites over reds, & as luck would have it, our drinks selection included 2 white wines,

White wines are well suited to being drank with a meal, but are generally better than reds for drinking without food (just my opinion). We were sent an Australian Chardonnay & a Chenin Blanc from South Africa both countries are well-respected wine producers, & very popular new world choices at the moment. (For those that don't know, New world wines are simply wines that come from outside the traditional wine-growing areas of Europe and the Middle East, in particular from Argentina, oz, usa, chile etc)
Chenin blanc is a blend of grape types that actually includes chardonnay, quite dry & neutral, very enjoyable.
In contrast the chardonnay is not a blend, but 100% chardonnay grape,  the one we were sent is from Limestone Coast, it is fruity & well-balanced with a hint of peach.

We took the bottle of chenin blanc with us on our getaway to Newquay & enjoyed a glass sat at the picnic table on the decking of our caravan, while eating pizza. It was a perfect evening, Laura was looking lovely as ever, & we had a nice view of the lake at White Acres too! Good times :-)

Little tip: It's best not to have a white wine in the fridge for too long, store as you would any other bottled drink & then cool approx. half an hour before drinking.

This brings me to the end of my little review, that was only 4 of the 6 drinks, ..i'l be honest, I've never been keen on bitter, so that one will go in the cupboard until I can find a suitable home for it, & I've not got around to drinking the cider yet, but really, you can't go far wrong with cider :-).

Doubtless I'm more of a drinker than I am a writer, but we were really chuffed with this great selection of drinks. Cheers Aldi!

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