Thursday, 17 April 2014

Pig Goes Pop Game Review

Pig goes Pop box and pig

On the roll of the colourful dice, children feed the pig with the requisite number of hamburgers, pushing his head down to make sure he swallows every mouthful.
Quite a few throws later, the ever-expanding pig will have reached max in the digestion stakes - and 'explodes', to everyone's delight! His curly tail is then rewound ... and the next round commences.

  The children and I were thrilled to receive this fantastic and very popular Pig Goes Pop game from Drumond Park last week!  Heres what we thought:

 Before we played the game properly the girls wanted to have a go at feeding the Pig the burgers and pressing his head just to see how long it took for him to pop!
After 10 minutes or so they decided they wanted to play the game.
They enjoyed taking turns to roll the dice and pump the pigs head. Lottie jumped every time the pig popped, which she thought was hilarious! 

We played the game 3 times and then the girls decided to go back to their original idea of just feeding him the burgers without playing by the rules.

This is a great game which will last for years. I don't think the children will get bored of it anytime soon!  The friendly looking pig is bright and colourful and is made to last.
The game is great for teaching young children the importance of taking turns and number recognition and counting.

My girls are aged 6 and 4 which are perfect ages for this game. The head is not too hard to pump and when the game is finished it is easily packed away in its box.  

Fun Factor - We rate this game 9/10!

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  1. looks fun may invest in this game for when my grandchildren visit :-) x

  2. looks a fun game my children would love to play wit

  3. Looks great, my son would love this x

  4. This was on my little girl's Christmas list last year - fingers crossed x

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  6. fab prize but link didnt show for Facebook and I cant find you x

  7. Facebook and bloglovin errors should now be working. You can now gain 10 entries to follow on facebook!


  8. We've played this at my sister in laws. All the family can get involved. Its a lot of fun.

  9. This looks like a great game for the kids x