Friday, 4 April 2014

Family of 3

 Tonight I was reading my daughter Lottie her usual bed time story, tonight she chose a book called "5 minutes peace" by Jill Murphy.  The story is about an Elephant family called The Large Family.
Anybody who has 2 or more children and have read this story book will understand how it relates to the very busy life of us mums who really, would just LOVE... 5 minutes peace!

Just like Mrs Large, i rarely get 5 minutes peace unless my girls are at school or in bed!!! What ever I am doing around the house, 5 minutes rarely pass when i don't hear a little voice calling "MUUUUM" or the baby starting to get fed up and cry.

Life was busy with 2 children, but now that we have our 3rd and most definitely final. I can honestly say that 3 really is OUTNUMBERED! How people go on to have 4 or 5 children I will never understand, but those of you who do have more than 3 children and actually have some hair left... well done to you!!

I love having a larger family, and if i had the time and money to buy a very large house, a cook, a cleaner and a nanny then YES... i definitely would have another child.

One thing I find very hard about having 2 young children and a baby is deviding my time between each of them. Kier i am not worried about, because he gets a lot of my time when the girls are at school. Lottie is fine because she is only doing 3 days at nursery a week so she too gets a lot of my time. Amelie is the one i worried about. Her being at school all day and having 3 after school activites each week makes it very hard for my to spend time with her. I like to keep on top of her home learning and reading as she often falls behind in class. The only time Amelie and I ever get to play and have fun is the weekend or school holidays.

Matt also gets very little time with his children as he works most of the week and all weekend doing bouncy castle hire.  I don't worry too much as this is the case for most working fathers and with being self employed he can take time off in the Summer holidays.

We are planning to do a lot of fun things this Summer. We are hoping to take the children to Peppa Pig World,  and Park Dean for a caravan holiday. I am very excited as this will be our first get away with Kier.

Although I do find it quite hectic having 3 young children, I wouldn't change it for the world!
Our children are what keep us young and very happy!

I would love to hear some of your thoughts on larger families. How many children do you have?
Do you sometimes feel like Mrs Large?!

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  1. awwww well mrs large i think you are doing a great job with your 3 gorgeous little munchkins make the most of every minute its gone before you know but then ....along come the grandchildren and it starts all over again :-) :-) great post xxxx