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Vileda Review

 Did you know that tomorrow (March 19th) is National Cleaning Day..?
What a fantastic excuse to get all my cleaning products out and have a big SPRING CLEAN!!

I love nothing more than having a big clean up when the kids are at school. Which is why I was thrilled to receive some fantastic cleaning products from Vileda.
I had never used Vileda cleaning products before and now that I have I don't think I will be going back to my usual Tesco Value dishcloths and Scourers!!

 Today I will be reviewing a Vileda  Microfibre 2 in 1 Kitchen Cloth,  Active Wave Scourers all purpose clothes and a dusting cloth. All fantastic products!

Vileda style sunsplash all purpose cloths worked brilliantly for wiping around my kitchen. I have never used all purpose cloths before, only my usual dishcloth. What I love about these cloths is that they are very absorbent, they don't leave streaky marks and they can be washed in the washing machine, not to mention the lovely sunshine design on them.. very cool!!
That pack contains 2 cloths which can be used time and time again. I have used mine a few times now and they still look good as new. Great value for money as these cloths only cost £1.19

Vileda active wave non-scratch all purpose Scourers, exactly as described.. they do not scratch surfaces! I use these for my cooker and also for my pans. I can't believe how much better quality they are than the cheap supermarket own brand ones I usually buy!! They are also made to last so i won't have to keep buying them.
The pack contains 2 and costs £1.29

The vileda microfibre 2 in 1 Kitchen cloth came in very useful after our Spaghetti Bolagnese last night! Every time we have it we end up with pasta stuck to the table and the pasta sauce dried onto the work surfaces. Usually quite a tough job to tackle. This very useful little Lilac cloth made the world of difference! The cloth has a soft side and a Scourer side which is great for cleaning dried up food and all the other mess you may find in the kitchen after 2 young children and a baby have eaten!
This is also a great cloth for using on the cooker hob as the softer side leaves it looking nice and shiny. This cloth is my favourite out of all the Vileda cleaning products :-)
It is available for just £2.49

Dusting is probably my favourite housework job, I like to use Mr Sheen polish as t makes the house smell really clean and fresh. I usually use an old rag to polish with so it was a real treat to be using Vileda's Microfiber dust cloth! The cloth immediately collects the dust like a magnet, it's great for using on the hard to reach areas such as corners of window frames. I have also used the dust cloth in my car as i find it hard to get around my steering wheel with a normal cloth and polish. The dust cloth left my car completely dust free!
The dust cloth costs £1.99

There are more fantastic cleaning products available from Vileda

FAMILIES IN THE SOUTH-WEST URGED TO DO THEIR SHARE OF THE CLEANINGRegional housework report launched to celebrate National Cleaning Day – 19 March, 2014
Parents and children in the south-west of England are being encouraged to share out the household chores equally, as a new report reveals it’s often just one person who ends up doing the lion’s share.For example the average mum in the region spends up to 9.5 hours a week cleaning up after her children, according to the research, although this can reach up to 13 hours in places such as Scotland.

Hours spent per week cleaning by Mums
Yorkshire & the Humber
North East
North West
East Anglia
South West
South East
West Midlands
Northern Ireland
East Midlands
Researchers found that after a gruelling day, 76% of mums in the south-west spend a huge chunk of their evening putting toys away, wiping down the kitchen, washing up dishes and sorting out clothes which have been left on the floor. Time-consuming chores such as emptying the bath and sink of toys before wiping the porcelain clean also added to their labour.
The report was commissioned by Viledato launch the UK’s first ever ‘National Cleaning Day’ on 19thMarch, a day on which the brand is encouraging everyone around the country to pick up their mops, brooms and cloths and help out a little around the home. After all, the report found that 85% of mums in the south-west said they regularly feel like they are the only member of the family to clean up after everyone.
Stains from drinks or dirty marks on walls or floors are also a regular bug-bear for local mums, according to the report. 85% said they regularly have days where they feel like all they do is clean up after the kids, with 79% admitting they regularly row with their children about it.
Yesterday Vileda spokesperson Lindsey Taylor said: “National Cleaning Day is about everyone putting a little sparkle into their home and sharing the workload. It would be understandable if it was just mums of very young children who have to spend the majority of their evenings cleaning, but the report shows it carries on even when the kids are old enough to be helping out.”
But it’s not just children mums have to clean up after as in the south-west they also spend an hour and a half a week tidying up their partner’s mess, whether it’s washing clothes or cleaning dishes and the majority (62%) admitted this has often led to arguments.
Nine in ten mums in the south-west said they wish their partner made more effort to help out with chores around the home. Just 2% said their partner did more housework than them, 29% said it is split 50/50, while 69% said their partner made little or no contribution to keeping the house clean and tidy.
Top cleaning jobs mums in the south-west spend their time on:
1.        Washing clothes (74%)
2.        Washing dishes (55%)
3.        Cleaning the kitchen (55%)
4.        Making the beds (53%)
5.        Picking up clothes from bedroom floor (52%)
6.        Putting toys away (50%)
7.        Cleaning carpets or floors (45%)
8.        Cleaning dirty marks from the sink or bath (44%)
9.        Tidying bedrooms (39%)
10.        Wiping dirty marks from the walls (37%)

Lindsey added: “On the 19thMarch we’d like everyone to pick at least one job and offer to help out. This could be vacuuming the whole house, or even just washing up after dinner – but it will give mum, or whoever normally does the cleaning, a little break.
“Vileda has devised a whole host of cleaning tips and advice aimed at making cleaning easier, not just for National Cleaning Day, but throughout the year. Visit our Facebook, twitter or blog for further information and keep an eye out for some great competitions throughout the day.”

                       Competition Time with Vileda Floor Miles 

Did you know that if you laid all the Vileda SuperMocios produced in a year end to end you could:

a)        Go around the world 6 times
b)        Cover the London to NY distance 426 times
c)        Run 5,631 marathons
d)        Climb Mt Everest 27 times

That’s a lot of Floor Miles! With that in mind, Vileda is excited to announce the launch of the brand new initiative ‘Floor Miles’, a unique way to earn rewards on cleaning chores.  
Vileda products are designed to last miles longer and make your cleaning miles easier, and now Vileda wants cleaning to help you get miles further with the chance to win a luxurious family holiday.
To be entered into the draw to win a trip for yourself and three family members* to experience eco clean living in Tenerife’s 4 star Sandos San Blas Eco Resort, you simply have to cash in on your cleaning and send in your empty Vileda packaging along with a completed entry form.

Launching on Wednesday 19 March, 2014- which is also set to become the UK’s first National Cleaning Day - Floor Miles is an eight-month competition where every piece of Vileda packaging equals one entry into the prize draw. Quite simply, the more you send, the more chance you have to win. All Vileda products will be accepted.
The prize is for the winner and three family members to experience pure quality and clean living on a luxurious all-inclusive five-night break to the luxury 4 star resort. Set in its own nature reserve, the
stunning resort combines sustainable amenities, eco tours and a variety of cultural activities for the whole family to enjoy*.

There will also be seven monthly prize draws for £100 worth of travel vouchers and a second grand prize of £500 travel vouchers.
The ‘Floor Miles’ launch is perfectly timed as it falls within the year of the leading household mop, the SuperMocio’s, 25th birthday.  

For more details on how to enter and for full terms and conditions go to: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nP7MR1Um5qQ-OyZA0tjPsEw1vyXE1X-JIIlSTkjKW1U/edit?usp=sharing

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