Sunday, 2 March 2014

The Sunday Post

                                          The Sunday Post
Welcome to my NEW weekly post
Every Sunday I will be sharing some pictures and telling you what ive been up to
Enjoy!! :-)


Monday was probably the worst day of my week! After what seemed like a very long half term i was quite looking forward to the kids going back to school and having a much needed tidy up of the house. That was my plan anyway but it didn't work out that way! Amelie came down with a cold and high tempreture, she was much too poorly to go to school to we kept them both home as Lottie was only down for a half day at nursery anyway. So we really didn't do much at all.


Today was a lot more relaxed than yesterday! Amelie was back to her normal self so she went to school. Still no chance of tidying up as Lottie was home and Tuesday is my childminding day. We went to our local toddler group as we usually do on Tuesdays, then we did the usual, going home for lunch, playing, picking Amelie up from school, back home for tea, baths, reading stories and bed for the kids. I then had a little tidying up of the house!!


Wednesday is my Kier day! It's the only day were i can stay home and have my little dude all to myself as both girls are at school all day. I don't usually have anywhere to be so it's very relaxed. When Kier is napping I get on top of the housework and sometimes if Matt is around I nip out to buy anything we might need. Then after we pick the girls up from school we either go home to play or occassionly we go to Bearfeet play centre if they fancy it and it's not too busy in there!
This week Matt and I went for Breakfast which was very nice. We used to do this almost every Wednesday when Kier was only a few weeks old. We hadn't been since early December and we found that Kier was not as happy to sit in his chair as he used to be! Maybe when he's able to go in a highchair he might be more occupied!


My least favourite day of the week!  We don't go to any toddler groups or after school clubs on Thursdays, it's probably my least busiest day. I have Lottie at home all day, I don't usually take her and Kier out as I feel bad on Amelie being at school and not being out with us! Maybe in the Summer we will go to Parks and stuff!


Both girls are at school all day on Friday. This week I went over to Torquay to get my hair done which was very nice! Matt had a day off so he looked after Kier. I then called in on miss Sparkles and Stretchmarks who wasn't feel great so I took Tyne with me and dropped Kier back to home with Matt. I then had to pick Amelie up from her Nana's where she went after school, and take her to her Drama class and then pick her up. I spent a lot of time driving around today, but I did enjoy having some auntie and nephew time with Tyne. I don't get that very often!

   Time to relax and have some fun with my little monkeys! The house usually becomes quite untidy be we will worry about that on Monday! :-)  Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Midweek Hot Chocolate Explosion!!   Always make sure the lid is closed properly before taking it out of the cupboard... I will in future!! Was it difficult to clean? I dont know.. ask Matt! :-P

Brother cuddles!    Lottie enjoys having Kier all to herself on Thursdays, she enjoys being the big BIG sister when Amelie is at school!

Unfortunately this Sylvannian family member found himself in Kier's hands, he became very soggy and had to be placed on the heater to dry. He is now reunited with the rest of his family in the Sylvannian hotel in Amelies room!!

 Chicken and Broccoli with Rice, Peppercorn sauce and homemade Chips. My favourite meal cooked by Matt!

                                                 The homemade chips are Amelies fave!!



  1. Ha I love the hot chocolate explosion pictures x

  2. haha thanks, it was "one of those days" !! x