Saturday, 1 March 2014

Moxie Girlz magic swim dolphin review

For those of you who don't have little girls! - Moxie Girlz are fashion dolls, very much different to Barbie. They have long pretty styled hair and big eyes. 
Introduced by MGA. Moxie girlz are aimed at children aged 3+

                                                              Meet The Girlz!

                                                                    Avery and Sophina

We were delighted to receive a Moxie Girl for review a few weeks ago. The doll we were sent is called "Magic swim Dolphin"  Amelie (6) and Lottie (4) couldn't wait to get in the Bath to play with their new friend!  There were of course a few squabbles over the doll but we got around it with the "5 minutes each" rule!

Moxie girlz magic swim dolphin comes with 1 full size doll Sophina who wears a stylish bathing suit, a body board and a swimming Dolphin.
The body board attaches onto the battery operated Dolphin and the doll can be easily placed onto the board. The dolphin pulls the board along when placed in the water.

The girls have had a lot of fun playing with this toy. They have played with all the pieces separately and then together. Lottie is happy playing with the Dolphin and Amelie has enjoyed pulling Sophina around on the board, at one point I also saw that the Dolphin was being pulled around on the board!

Moxie girlz magic swim dolphin has been a big hit with my children. It is a fun toy which has a lot of play value. I find it difficult to find toys that the girls can play with in the Bath and I think this one is fantastic.

Magic Swim Dolphin with Sophina doll,  also sold with Avery blonde haired doll.

                                                                Argos price £24.99

 There are many other Moxie Girlz to collect, here are some I may purchase in the future!

                                                              Moxie girlz poopsy pets

                                                     Moxie girlz magic hair colour dolls

                                                    Moxie girlz magic swim Mermaid

To find out more about Moxie Girlz and what toys are available please visit the Moxie Girlz website
                                                    Thank you for reading my review.



  1. This looks fab!

    Errr not sure about poopsy pets though?!!!

  2. lovely dolls make a change from the princesses and even better for bathtime fun :-) xx

  3. haha i think the poopsy pets look cool! x