Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Healthy Snacks for little ones

Like all parents, I often worry that my kids arn't getting enough fruit and veg and maybe too much sugary snacks. When I pick my children up from school the first they will ask me is "mummy have you brought us any sweets?" and usually, I do have a chocolate bar in my bag for them, and if not I will take them to the corner shop to choose a treat.
I know it would be a lot healthier to bring them an Apple or Banana after school, but if they've been in school all day why should they not have a treat? Something they're going to enjoy? Something they want to eat and not feel like they have to.

A few weeks ago I was sent some healthier option snacks for children. Heres what we thought.


What a fantastic idea. Flavoured popcorn that looks and tastes just the same as cinema bought popcorn only its not sweet, its available in 5 different flavours!

Lightly sea salted
Fiery Worcester sauce and sun dried tomato
Sour cream and chive
Sweet and Salty
Sweet coconut and Vanilla

We usually open a packet of popcorn when we watch a film with the kids at the weekend, so this time we decided to try the propercorn.
At first I wasn't too sure but after munching it for a while I decided that I really liked it. I preferred the Sea salt flavour but the children preferred the Sour cream and chive.

This healthy snack was a big hit with my family and I would definitely buy it again! Yum!!

RRP single serve packs: £0.90
RRP sharing bags: £1.69

Single packs are currently available from Waitrose, Ocado, Harvey Nichols, Benugo, and Whole Foods.

BIG packs are now available from Whole Foods, Planet Organic and Planet Organic Online.

Another yummy treat sent to us were Fruit Bown Fruit shapes

These little Jelly sweets are amazing!!  My children didn't realise they were made from fruit and thought they were Haribo style sweets. They ate a packet each which means they both got 1 of their 5 a day without even knowing they were eating fruit!!

The jellys are very soft therefore I would recommend them for children as young as 2. They are made from natural colours and flavours and contain no added sugar.

They are available in Multipacks and are sold in most supermarkets.

Happy Healthy Snacking!!!


  1. great post we never have popcorn but I might get some today! it isn't too naughty ;) those fruit shapes sound good too! x

  2. fruit shapes great idea !! will look out for them good for adults too xx