Sunday, 23 March 2014

Happy Mother's Day from Monsoon

 In this sweet video from Monsoon, we hear how and why their mum is important to them. Obviously all young children love their mummy. Hearing them explain what nice things their mothers do for them and seeing them express their love for their mummy is truly magical. This will be my first Mothers day as a Mummy of 3. I am sure it will be just as hectic as any day but the most imortant thing is being with them on Mothers day. I am sure I will receive gifts and flowers from my children, and ofcourse i love the gifts but as my children are so young the gifts have usually come from their Daddy! What i really look forward to on Mothers Day is receiving their hand made cards and pictures of me they have created themselves. Also this Mothers Day will be extra special as I will have a visit from my own Mother too. As she lives quite far away it is very rare that I see her on Mothers Day so I am hoping my sister and I can take our mum out for a meal to celebrate, whilst the daddy's look after our little ones!

Today I asked my children what they love best about me. Their answers:

Amelie: (age 6) I love you because you shared your hot chocolate with me!

Lottie: (age 4) I love you cos you buy me sweeties!

How sweet :-)

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  1. awwww lovely post enjoy your day with your 3 secial little lovelies xxx