Monday, 31 March 2014

Eye Of Horus Make Up Review

 Eye of Horus is the newly launched make-up range in the UK containing naturally derived ingredients. With a solid fan base consisting of professional make-up artists, celebrities and loyal customers in Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines; Eye of Horus is established as a cult brand in the Australian beauty marketplace. Eye of Horus offers a naturally derived, yet high-performing range of products rich in natural waxes and essential oils.

                                                   Eye of Horus Liquid Define Eye Liner

I am quite a big fan of eye make up. I am the kind of person who doesn't leave the house without any make up on but I do like to save Liquid Eyeliner for the more special occasions (or just when I want to look my best!)

I was delighted to be asked to review a product from the Eye of Horus range. So ofcourse i went for the Liquid define eye liner. I expected it to be similar to my usual eye liner, but it was far from any old eye liner you would pick up in town!

The packaging the make up arrived it was amazing! I felt it was almost wasted on me because it looks so pretty, I thought it would make an amazing gift for someone!

When i finally decided to open the packaging and use the product, I was amazed to find that it didn't have any of the usual "messy liquid" to contend with. Just a dry pen like tip, I didn't expect much from it but when i tried it on I found it much easier to use than most liquid eye liners. There is a variety of ways to apply the eye liner, giving a fine point or a thicker stroke depending on personal preference!

Eye of Horus do not test on animals, their products are paraben-free and rich in essential oils and natural waxes.
After recognising a gap in the market and designing the branding and for Eye of Horus, Holly Spierings joined forces with friend and Make-Up Artist Amy Lennane, big sister and Beauty Retail Expert Nicole Spierings and Business Entrepreneur Heather Spierings.
Eye of Horus was born to make every woman, no matter what age, feel beautiful.

Liquid Define Eyeliner costs £13.00 online

See the Eye of Horus range here

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