Monday, 17 March 2014

Amazon Kids Critic

Amazon Studio's is a new service that allows you, the viewer, to rate and review new pilot TV shows from the comfort of your own home.

As somebody who loves to sit and relax in the evenings watching new shows, I can't wait to try this service out for myself! 

My daughters would also love to have the chance to have a say on what new kids shows are commissioned - Amazon Studios wants to put the viewer at the heart of what they do, meaning they really take on board viewer feedback.

Take a look at this cute video, showing panels of children giving their thoughts and feedback on brand new kids TV funny!!!

I can only imagine what my own two kids would come out with given the chance to do this.

I can certainly tell that they'd be big fans of Wishenpoof, how adorable does that look?! 

To watch, rate and review the latest pilots -- which include a selection of kids shows, comedy series and hour long dramas -- and have your say on the future of TV, visit to try it out yourself....Im heading there right now to do so myself! :)

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