Thursday, 6 March 2014

30th Birthday Celebrations!

                      30th Birthday Bash!

On Wednesday 5th March, I hit my 30's!! What a shame!!
 Luckily for me I don't feel 30, I still only feel about 22. Matt had something planned for my special day but I had no idea what. We were driving along getting closer to our destination, I had no clue where we were headed until I saw a sports resort sign. I knew then it would be either skiing or snowboarding down the dry slope! When we pulled into the car park we were met by Alvin the chipmunk! Yes! you read that right... Alvin the Chipmunk!  He greeted us with a balloon and bag of candy floss.

Matt told me that we were not skiing or snowboarding, but Snow Tubing!! Id never heard of this and was slightly worried! But it looked a lot worse than it was. It was actually very fun and the best bit was watching Alvin the Chipmunk having a turn!!


After snow tubing we went to a fancy restaurant for a very lovely meal. After the meal i thought we would be heading home, but Matt kept me out for quite a while. He admitted that we were not able to go home yet cos my mum and dad had a surprise at home for me.

When we finally got home, i was greeted by family and friends at my house, in a nautical themed house gathering. I got to wear a captain's hat which was very cool!!
We played games and ate some yummy food. It was the perfect end to my lovely day.

Now i am waiting for the end of May when i will sail away on the Independence of the Seas cruise! My 30th birthday present from mum and dad!!   Not bad aye?!?


  1. Awww lovely birthday Law! That is THE best selfie ever!!!!!!!

  2. the big 30and you dont look a day over 23 lol glad you enjoyed your special day :-) xxx

  3. Haha, that snow tubing looks amazing. your face. looked like you loved it xx