Friday, 7 February 2014

                         THE LION KING MUSICAL

On Wednesday 5th Feb, Matt and I went to see The Lion King at The Royal Theatre Plymouth.
 I have seen a lot of musical theatre but this was by FAR the best production i have ever seen.
 It is full of life, colour and emotion. I was intrigued to see how they could bring an animated film to life on the stage. I was amazed out how well they managed it! The costumes were amazing, the music was fantastic and the actors were incredible. Its great to see how well you can bring these animals to life as an actual person on stage with nothing but colour and a tail and a mask sitting on top of the head. They did a fantastic job at bringing the characters to life, even young Simba and Nala, who must have been around age 9 or 10.

I would recommend this show to anyone thinking of going to see it, it is not to be missed! However I did think the show was mostly aimed at adults and definitely not young children as some o the scenes are quite violent as is the animated film! I will be taking my children to see the production in a few years time when they are old enough to enjoy it and not be frightened. 

                  Amazing costumes used throughout the show. We loved the Giraffes the best!

                                                            Young Simba - he was great!

Timone and Pumbaa - very funny!

 Young Nala

February-March  Plymouth
March-May - Bradford
May-July - Liverpool
July-September - Southampton
Sept-Nov - Sunderland
Nov-Jan - Cardiff

Trailer of the Show

Have you seen The Lion King in Theatre? If so what did you think of it? 

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