Wednesday, 19 February 2014

My cradle cap free baby!

                                Does your Baby suffer from Cradle Cap?

 Cradle cap is a common skin condition which courses scales on the top of the head. Most babies will get it within the first 3 months. Some babies can suffer from it mildly and some can have it quite severe. It doesn't bother the baby but it doesn't look very nice on our gorgeous little new baby does it?

Both of my girls had a small amount of Cradle cap from around 3 weeks old, but when Kier was born he didnt have any at all. I thought he had got away with it until he was around 2 months old. I noticed his Hair started to look ginger, but when i looked closely, his scalp and forehead were coated in cradle cap making him look Ginger!  It wasn't too bad but i didn't love it!

Luckily for me I got asked to review some Dentinox cradle cap treatment shampoo.
I had heard some negative things about treatment shampoo for cradle cap so I didnt think for one minute that it would work.

The bottle suggests to use the Shampoo every time you wash the childs hair, and to rub it in very well.  After using the shampoo just once the cradle cap was still there but the colour had changed a bit, which meant Kier didn't look ginger anymore!
I went on to use the shampoo another 4 times. I have only been using the Shampoo for just over a week and Kier is now 100% cradle cap free! The shampoo also makes his hair look lovely and shiny, and it smells just as nice as Johnsons baby shampoo!

I would highly recommend Dentinox Cradle cap Shampoo. It works really well and can be bought at the supermarket for a reasonable price.

                             Tried and Tested!   Dentinox cradle cap shampoo works brilliantly!
                                                  available at most supermarkets or Boots
                                                                   Price £2.09 at Boots

                                        Kier and cousin Tyne are both fans of Dentinox!
                                                        Look at their lovely locks!!

 Also available from Dentinox is an amazing teething Gel. We are using this Gel on Kier's gums at the moment. It works really well and again is available from most supermarkets or Boots.

                                              Dentinox teething Gel - price £1.79 at Boots


  1. Great review! I think I used this with Tyne and it worked well!


  2. Aw what a cute little photo, am glad it worked x

  3. I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks.

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