Monday, 17 February 2014

Leapfrog toy review

                                    Leapfrog Read with me Violet

We were delighted to be asked to review Read with me Violet by Leapfrog.  We put the toy away until the weekend and gave her to the children this morning, they were so excited and ofcourse they both wanted to play with Violet even though it is more suited to Lottie's age.
They have played with Violet all morning and even Baby Kier got to have a cuddle of her!
This is a very popular toy in our house.  A perfect cuddly companion for my girls!

Read with me Violet is by far the best interactive toy we have ever had (we have had quite a few!) I was surprised at how many different phrases she says and songs she sings. With over 70 comprehensive questions, this is not your usual interactive toy that starts repeating itself after 2 minutes!  Violet reads stories in a friendly voice, with beautiful background music as she speaks.

Violet comes with 5 hardback books which she will read to your child (more confident readers can read along with her"
the books are titled
Lets go camping
Lets find Violets toy
Lets have a party
Lets cheer up Eli
Lets learn about the weather

all beautiful books that Lottie and Amelie really enjoyed reading with Violet.
They enjoyed listening and asking the questions about the story that Violet asks. It shows they were paying attention as they knew all the answers!

 As well as 5 great stories to tell, Violet also has some fun and bouncy songs to sing. Lottie's favourite is the song she sings about being shy. Violet gets the message across that it's ok to have different feelings.

Voilet has 5 different colour buttons on her collar, one button for each story. She also has a "sleepy mode" button on her collar. Sleepy mode is fantastic for winding down for bedtime. She will still read to the child in this mode, with some relaxing "sleepy" songs included.

Lottie says her favourite thing about Violet is the heart on her cheek. Violet often asks for a kiss on her cheek and a cuddle which Lottie seems to love doing!  She likes it when Voilet says "it's cold, pat my head to warm me up"
Fantastic toy which Amelie and Lottie have enjoyed playing with all day!

Violet is priced at £24.97 at Amazon. This amazing toy is definitely worth every penny.
It is aimed at children 2-5 years.  A perfect gift for early readers.
There is also a boy version available called Read with me Scout, which i believe is the same toy only in Green and speaks in a boys voice.

Check out the wide range of Leapfrog toys available here 




  1. thanks for such an informative review this toy seems ideal and at a very good price x