Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Kier's Newest Outfits

                                                Kier's Newest Clothes

There's nothing i love more than to shop for new clothes, for myself? Ofcourse not!
Those days are over!  How my little ladies and little man are dressed is very important to me.
I have been buying a lot of new clothes for Kier as he has had a major growth spurt and grown out of all his 0-3 months clothes.

Here's what we've been buying for him.

                   Gorgeous "smart boy" outfits bought from Mama's and Papa's by Kier's Nanny.

      Tesco baby boy clothes are definitely my Favourite, they are just as lovely as Next clothes but cost a lot less. They also wash really well. Both shirt and sweater are still on sale at Tesco.

  One of my more exspensive favourites is Tutto Piccalo. Beautiful designer babyware.
  I do occasionally splash out on a designer outfit for Kier but this one was a gift from my Auntie.

    What is more cuter than personalised baby clothes at a fantastic price?!  These little shoes
    were bought online at My first Years. I have bought some amazing clothes for Kier through them.
  Have a browse at what they have on sale here 

This is probably all Kier needs for the rest of the Winter. I am very excited about buying him some little Summer shirts and shorts as i haven't got to do that yet!


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  2. Amazing shoes x

  3. gorgeous clothes for a gorgeous little man xx