Monday, 24 February 2014

Baker Ross Childrens Crafts Review

                                                        Baker Ross
                                                         Children's Craft Supplies

 The children and I were delighted to receive a big box of crafts from Baker Ross. Amelie (6) and Lottie (3) love nothing more than to get stuck in making things. The perfect thing to do on a rainy Sunday morning! The children were occupied for almost 2 hours making Easter crafts and creating their own fridge magnets and colouring in Flower pots. I too enjoyed spending time with the girls doing crafts that were suited to both their ages. I highly recommend Baker Ross crafts for parents and children who love to get creative! The seasonal crafts are fantastic and the prices are very reasonable.

Lottie chose to make the Daffodil wreath kit with a little help from Amelie. They managed to put it together by themselves. It was easy enough for them to make and they were very proud of themselves and the finished product!

                                                              Daffodil Wreath Kit  - £2.49

The girls both love stickers. They were so happy to find pretty Flower stickers and Gem stickers in the box. They also had a book full of stickers which they later used to play "school teachers"
Baker Ross have a fantastic selection of stickers, including stickers for all occasions such as Mothers day and Easter. Great for making their own greeting cards!

The girls loved the idea of creating their very own fridge magnets, however theirs did not turn out like these sample pictures from the Baker Ross website!! But they do look lovely on my fridge!!
                                           Wooden Heart Magnets £2.99 for pack of 10

                                                        Great Value Easter Stickers!

   Easter Foam Stickers - pack of 100   £2.69

Happy Easter message stickers from £1.50
Easter bunny felt stickers - pack of 24  £2.75
 These are just a few of the fantastic Easter crafts available from Baker Ross. There is also a fantastic Mothers day range.   Baker Ross also stock great pocket money toys and party favors!
Please visit their website to browse or place your order


  1. wow they look great lots of variety and great price too will be buying some of those and also looking into the pocket money toy range for my party planning business for children thanks firsttwothenblue :-) xx

  2. This looks really amazing, love the look of the wreath! xx