Thursday, 30 January 2014

Intoducing our Newest Family Member... Ruby!

                                           Meet Ruby, our first ever family pet!

Our eldest daughter Amelie (6) has been wanting a Rabbit for quite some time now, we kept putting it off because we thought she was too young to care for a pet.
We recently gave in and decided that we would buy a Rabbit.

We have had Ruby for a week now, and Amelie lost interest in her after 2 days!
Luckily for Ruby, our younger daughter Lottie (3) has a lot of time for her, as do me and Matt! She is very cute and we love having a house Rabbit.

However, she is A LOT of hardwork!  Her cage is kept in our hall way so i like to clean it out every 2 days, something i really didn't have much spare time for but now i have to make the time to do it!
Also, the people who work at Pets At Home swear that it is possible to house train a Rabbit... Well so far we have had no luck! 

Pets at Home

I would recommend Pets at Home to anybody wanting to buy a pet Rabbit.
I thought the price of the Rabbits were very reasonable, £25 each or 2 for £35.
The rabbit food and bedding i thought were a little over priced, I purchased some from Home Bargains and saved myself quite a bit of money!

Pets at Home also sell a lot of Bunny toys and novelties that look absolutley lovely but are in fact the biggest waste of money ever!!!

Items like this one are called "boredom breakers" they are priced between £2 and £3 and look really fun for your Bunny to gnaw on.
I bought a similar one for Ruby and so far she hasn't even sniffed it!
I won't be buying anymore of those!

Pop up Bunny tent, priced at £9. Cute idea, biggest waste of money!
I bought this today for Ruby to sleep in as it came with a comfortable fleece blanket. So far she has used it as a toilet only, it stinks so is already now in the bin!  Ruby is now using a cardbord Pampers box to sleep in, she seems happier in that than she was in the pop up tent.

So there you have it, Pets at Home - a great store for purchasing pets, but remember not to waste your money on those not needed Rabbit toys!

Today Ruby had her vaccinations which she had to have to protect her from killer Rabbit diseses.
Anyone thinking of buying a Bunny should keep in mind that these pets do not come cheap!

All together with the Rabbit, the Cage for indoors, the Hutch for outdoors, food and bedding and vaccinations, Ruby has cost £200. That's without the Rabbit toys and pop up tent!!!

I dont regret buying Ruby but next time we are after a family pet I think we will for for a Goldfish! :-)

Thanks for Reading. Do you have a Bunny? I would love to hear about your opinion on keeping a house Bunny.


  1. Oh my gosh! She is soo cute! I literally afore her :) x

    1. she is super cute alex but she hates to be cuddled sadly x

  2. Oh my cuteness! How precious, think i'll have to convince the boyfriend to get Abbie one now! x

  3. That is the sweetest looking bunny!!

  4. We managed to house train using kitchen roll/sawdust on a small tray. They do tend to go in the same place - good luck.

  5. That rabbit looks gorgeous. I love how furry it is. x

  6. goldfish good idea :-) great post xx