Sunday, 1 December 2013

Peppa Pig World

Peppa Pig world, a large section of Paultons Park, Hampshire dedicated to everybody favourite Pig, Peppa and her family and friends!
Last weekend we took the girls to Peppa Pig world which was our 3rd visit.  The last visit was in September just before the children went back to school after the summer holidays, the Park was jam-packed and we had to que for each ride for atleast 40 minutes!
This time, the park was less busy, with only 10-15 minute ques for rides. Maybe something to do with the awful weather the day before?

 As always, we did the 2 day Paultons tickets plus hotel including breakfast, which cost just over £200. Nut much more than you would pay for 2 day tickets without a hotel!
There are quite a few hotels to choice from, some of which are beautiful hotels with amazing Spa and Swimming pool.
We usually stay in the Marriott in Southampton, which is lovely. This time we stayed at the Solent, Portsmouth. A very classy hotel, lovely breakfast, very child-friendly! They left juice, biscuits and sweets for the girls in our hotel room!  I would definitely recommend this hotel for anybody staying in the area.

                                                   The Balloon Ride - My fave ride!!

                                                                 Daddy Pig's Car Ride

                                                                  Amelie and Daddy

With 6 colourful fun Rides, a brightly coloured play park with plenty for toddlers and children up to age 8, a small water park and a Indoor soft play area, Cafes, Ice cream and Hotdog stands, Prize winning game stands, meet and greet Peppa, George and friends, there is PLENTLY to do at Peppa Pig World!  and if it's busy you probably won't get to do it all in 1 day, which is why i strongly recommend the Hotel and 2 day pass deal.
Although it is exspensive, and even after tickets you will probably spend another £50 in the park on food and gift shop (depending on how many children you have, we spent £100!) and also fuel if you are traveling long distance. I still think a day out here is worth every penny!!
It is a day out that your little ones wont forget in a hurry!  and if you want to save money, you can bring a picnic along. There are plently of picnic benches around the park, and food in the park is rediculously over priced!!

 with 3 daily appearances from Peppa and George, your little ones will get to meet and shake hands with them.  Peppa's friends walk around the park for around 10 minutes every hour or so.
You have to be quick to get a picture with them!

 The solent hotel left dressing gowns on our bed, and 2 mini "V. I little P" gowns for the children,  which they used after they got out of the swimming pool. 


So, thats pretty much everything I can tell you about Peppa Pig World!
  Is it worth the money? Yes!  It is a must for any Peppa Pig fan, and will be enjoyed by adults too. If your child is below school age I would recommend visiting in school time through the week as the park will most likely be quieter and you won't have to que for too long!

Information about Paultons Park and booking can be found here  paultonsbreaks/offer  

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