Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Baby Shopping

Just 4 days to go until we find out the sex of Pipling!!!
I have a few ideas of things I want to start buying in Pink or Blue after we find out on Thursday.

This is mostly the reason why I decided to have an early 3d scan, cos i can't bare to window shop
 for cute Baby items!!

  Pink or Blue bottles  -  I will probably buy the Tommee Tippee version as i plan to
 combine breast and bottle feeding

 Cellular blankets - I love these for newborns. Obviously I already have some Pink ones, so if it's a boy i'll be spashing out on lots of new ones!!

                                                          Lots of super cute sleep suits!!!!

  Avent Dummies -  I used a dummy for my first born and she was hooked on them until her 3rd Birthday!  I tried my 2nd daughter with one but she wasn't keen, so she had a conforter instead, she is now 3 and still has her comforter which goes by the name of "nee nee"  I can see her starting school with nee nee, maybe even college haha!!!  SO.. for baby number 3 ive decided to try the dummy!
AVENT or NUK are my favourite because they do very small dummies for newborns.


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