Monday, 16 October 2017

The Key to Healthy Looking Skin

 I'm not much of a healthy eater, i don't make sure i have my 5 a day and i definitely don't drink 8 glasses of water a day. I wish I could be more healthier but i'd rather have a glass of Coca Cola and a biscuit to be honest!
I also don't get 8 hours of sleep each night, by the time i get to bed i'll have about 6 and a half hours of sleep, but that won't be un-disturbed sleep! The little man usually wakes up for a drink at least once a night.

I'm sure i'm not the first mum to admit that i'm rubbish at keeping myself fit and healthy, and i'm sure i wont be the last!
I really don't like the thought of getting wrinkles and looking old so i do use moisturizer daily, and i do take my make up off each night. However, if i want young looking skin this just isn't enough. I DO need to get more sleep and i DO need to drink more water.

After doing some research online ive discovered that it isn't impossible and doesn't have to cost a fortune to take care of your skin and hopefully have younger looking skin. Here's what i've come up with.

Boost your Vitamin C  intake
To keep our skin looking younger, we need our bodies to produce more Collagen. Vitamin C is crucial to the formation of collagen. Eat plenty of leafy veg, Broccoli, Sprouts and Tomatoes, Oranges and kiwi fruits are all high in Vitamin C

Many people suffer from acne even after their teens,  it can really effect a persons self esteem and make you feel unattractive. A healthy diet is important but there are also over the counter products you can purchase that can work wonders for your skin.

Think twice about Smoking
If you're a smoker i'm sure you're already aware of the effect smoking can have on your appearance. This is because smoking damages the Collagen in your skin, leaving it saggy and tired looking.

Wear Sun Protection
sunburn is bad news for your skin, it doesn't turn nice and golden and it's better to always wear sun cream to avoid damaging the goodness in your skin. SPF15 Cream is probably the most suitable.

Face Massage
Having a face massage can boost the collagen in your skin and keep it looking plumper and helps stimulate the lymph glands to promote clear skin. You can do this yourself, no need to go booking an over priced massage!

Last but probably the most important..... the bit that i'm failing on!!!

Eat 5 fruit and veg a day, Drink plenty of Water and get 8 hours sleep!!

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

I'm a Mum - What does the future hold for my hair?

 I was recently browsing through some older photographs of myself, age around 21 or so. I'd be lying if i said i wasn't feeling a bit emotional about how much younger i looked in the photo's and how old and haggered i'm feeling now i'm a working mother of 3.

The thing that stood out most in these pictures was my Hair. My healthy looking, split end free, long, sleek, shiny and CLEAN hair! The kind of hair that has been washed and conditioned with the top brand products, blow dried and then straightened, and then probably combed through for half an hour. Freshly cut and styled and full of life.

Well, those days are gone! Now my hair meets a salon professional about once a year around Christmas time IF i'm lucky. The top branded products have been swapped for whatever the hell is on offer at the time. Blow drying doesn't exist in my world anymore and straighteners will come out of the drawer once a week! My hair looks tired and boring. The only thing i've got going for my hair right now is that it hasn't yet started to turn Grey! Although most days i feel as if it should be Grey.

I have noticed that each time i wash my hair i lose quite a lot when brushing it, I haven't noticed it thinning but i'm sure i could get a decent Hair transplant if i needed one!

For me, my hair is probably my most important feature. I feel confident when my hair is freshly washed and straightened. I have many days when there just isn't enough time and my hair is slapped back in a messy bun. I try to hide away on those days, walking fast paced away from the school after dropping the children off.

My kids are currently 10, 7 and 4 (4 year old not yet at school) and i work 4 full days a week, when i'm not working or sorting out the kids i'm usually doing housework or catching up with blog posts, there's not much time for me to have my head in a mirror anymore, but that doesn't mean it will always be that way.

There isn't any money left for me to have my roots done after paying out for my kids dance, drama and singing classes, but one day they will find their own way and there might actually be some time for me to take hours styling my hair, there might even be some left over money for me to have a cut and blow!

There's always that one mum standing in the playground who looks immaculate. Lovely clothes, high heels, hair to dye for! I don't know how they do it, if i ever find out i'll be sure to blog about it! But for now, i'm just one of those mums who looks like shes been dragged through a hedge backwards.... (see image below)  and i'm ok with it, 'cos i'm happy and so are my kids :-)

Monday, 9 October 2017

In Review: Schleich Croco Jungle Research Station

 This month we've been really spoilt, we were given the opportunity to review this amazing play set from our favourite toy brand, Schleich. This is the largest set we've ever had. It came in a huge box but luckily didn't take very long to assemble.

I really didn't think the girls would be all that interested as this set is quite "boyish" but they did want to play with it, and they did enjoy playing it with their younger brother which was good!

The set has a lot of little pieces included, which is why it's suited more for children aged around 4 and over. It comes with 4 animals and a
There is a crocodile skull and integrated secret hiding place, the research centre as well as a viewing platform. The play set is packed full of features including:

Upper Jaw that can be opened and closed or removed

Secret passages leading to the treasure chamber

Hiding place in Croco tooth

Clip on viewing platform with secret trapdoor into treasure chamber


1 x large CROCO skull with secret hiding place,
 1 x jungle research building,
 6 x railings,
1 x Ranger Tom,
1 x crocodile,
1 x orang-utan,
 1 x black panther,
 1 x Asian elephant calf,
 1 x hoist container,
 1 x net,
 1 x viewing platform with trapdoor,
 1 x radar
 1 x mast with flag,
 1 x hammock
, 2 x shelving units,
 4 x hooks,
 1 x folding chair,
 4 x silver-coloured cage parts with doors,
 1 x dividing wall for cage, 6 x enclosure parts,
 1 x treasure chest,
 20 x gold pieces,
 1 x crystal skull,
 2 x torches,
 1 x treasure map,
 1 x fire pit,
1 x tripod with hook,
 1 x kettle,
 2 x tree trunk seats,
 1 x aluminium-coloured box
, 1 x spade,
 1 x axe,
 1 x survival knife,
1 x binoculars with carrying strap,
 2 x plates,
2 x camping cups,
1 x satellite phone,
 1 x laptop

Dimensions: 22 x 5.5 x 14.8 inch (W x D x H)

Pomelody - fun filled musical education for Toddlers and Children

 Have you ever thought how great it would be to start developing your toddlers natural musical potential from this young age? Maybe you thought it wasn't possible?
So many children love music, and babies and toddlers learn so much from music.

I am a childminder to 2, 3 and 4 year olds, each day we sit down and read stories together and sing nursery rhymes, we dance together and do actions to songs such as "hokey cokey" and "head, shoulders knees and toes" and "sleeping bunnies"  the children love it and can't seem to get enough of it. Music time is always their favourite activity, they get so much out of it and learn so much from such a simple activity. My 4 year old son is a big lover of music, every Friday at his pre school they have chart music playing and all the children dance together, the teacher joins in dancing with the children, it's really lovely to see them all enjoying themselves on the last day of their school week.

There is a brand new music education system for toddlers and young children that is about to be launched in the UK. Pomelody offers your child learning and development through music, animated lectures and animated stories. The system is suitable for children ages 0 to 6 years and is the worlds first music education e-learning platform for infants.

What do you get as a series backer of Pomelody? 

  • Collection of 25 songs - composed, recorded and produced with 12 different bands/artists
  • 10 Pomelody classes recorded
  • One songbook
  • 3 animated lectures with music theory for parents
  • Animated stories
 Sounds impressive doesn't it? My little boy will love trying it out and i'm looking forward to seeing how it can help him develop further in his final year before starting primary school.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

In Review: Cicciobello Love 'n Care Doll

We were recently sent a lovely new Baby doll to try out, Cicciobello Love 'n Care. As you can see from his flush little cheeks, he's quite a poorly baby! Luckily he comes with all the medical tools he will need to get him feeling better again!

My girls aged 10 and 7 loved trying out the Cicciobello doll, I think A thought she was too old to play with this doll but when she saw how real his illness symptoms were she couldn't wait to get involved!

Cicciobello comes with 3 realistic looking bottles, with disappearing liquid inside and a lid just like a real baby bottle. Each bottle has a different colour formula, one is Milk,  Juice and Medicine. He also comes with a dummy that glows up in the dark and really does soothe him to sleep. The thermometer can be used in his ear to determine whether or not he is ill, if the light shows up Red then he will need some medicine and if it's Green then he is well. Also included is a Stethoscope and a syringe.

If the medicine doesn't work Cicciobello will need an injection which should have him feeling right as rain again. 

This is such a cute doll and every little girl or boys dream come true. I look after three little girls aged 2-4 years old who love playing doctors together, they have a doctor kit and each take it in turns to be the doctor. Young children love playing doctor roles, a baby doll like Cicciobello love 'n care is great for teaching children the importance of a doctors role and caring for others.
Definitely one for the Christmas wish list!

Cicciobello Love n Care costs around £59.99 and is available from Smyths Toy Store

Friday, 29 September 2017

Why we start our day the Ready-Brek way

 We are a typical working class family, we have 2 primary school aged children and a 4 year old attending pre-school which he is still settling into, and by settling in i mean screaming his head off while putting his uniform on each morning and being dragged through the school gate (even after starting almost 6 months ago!) so yea...   you can imagine what our house looks like at 8am on a week day?

You'll often find the 2 girls sneakily loading up their tablets still in their PJ's when they are actually meant to already be dressed and eating Breakfast, our pre-school hating 4 year old will be in the kitchen throwing a mega tantrum because he wants a particular cereal which ran out the day before.

Then there's my other half, he's usually pretty calm in the morning, and why wouldn't he be? He gets himself ready and usually heads off to work right away, leaving me with the 3 little delights still in their PJ's at 8.30!

Oh and not forgetting our newest edition, Lola the Kitten. She can be found up on the table licking the left over Ready-Brek out of the kids bowls!

Our house is an embarrassment in the morning!  We're always 5 minutes late for school, even though we live just around the corner. To be completely honest, i don't really care if we're a few minutes late. What difference does it make? The things that matter most is that my children and clean and tidy, hair tied back nicely (to avoid the lovely lice infestation!) and tummies nice and full.

My children are quite fussy eaters, if i make them Toast then you can guarantee the plates of toast will still be on the table with a bite or 2  taken out of each piece. This isn't going to keep them from being hungry in school. Lately we've been quite strict on what the children eat on a school morning, Ready Brek is their new favourite. I got them into Ready Brek because it seemed like a good healthy breakfast choice, it's rich in Calcium, rich in Vitamin D, has no added sugar or salt and is high in fibre, it's nice and filling too!! We have a fussy 7 year old who of course wasn't keen when she first tried it, but after telling her she could add some fruit to it she soon changed her mind :-)

Have you tried adding any of the following to your Ready Brek?
  • Maple syrup
  • Honey
  • Nuts
  • Raisins
  • Cinnamon
  • Jam
This morning we let the girls try some new flavours in their Ready Brek. These are all really good choices and can really add some flavour. The girls both prefered the Syrup and Honey, not too keen on Cinnamon. Tomorrow we're going to try some different recipes with fruit so be sure to follow me on Facebook to see what the children think. Now we have 3 Ready Brek loving children, i don't have to worry about them at school, i know they're well fed and happy.